• No One Is Born An Investor

    Together, we are facing unprecedented stressful times. While Covid19 threatens our health, it also threatens our financial and mental well-being. Many of you may have witnessed your retirement portfolios take a nose-dive.


    BTS' mission is to enhance your financial intelligence, so that you can make better financial decisions and lead more secure, richer lives.


    We typically work with those aged 35 to 45, and believe this is the time to offer as much support as possible to the world. Let's get through this together.

  • Best Time To Start Was Yesterday

    The next best time is now. Whether you're 35 or 45, there's no better time to start. Do you think you're ready to invest? Check out some of the resources we have.

  • Ready To Beat The Pros?

    Start Your Journey Today!

    Living A Rich Life

    Where? How? Why?

    What's your networth now? How much money do you need in the future? Are you on track? How do you know?

    Ready to Climb?

    A checklist

    Never too late. It's the best and right time to start. NOW. Today. Get this checklist to see if you're ready!

    BS and Myths

    Be Critical

    Should you believe everything your financial advisors and fund managers says when it comes to investing?

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