• Four Key Principles

    An investing approach first pioneered by Ben Graham and popularized by Warren Buffet and

    Charlie Munger. It's the only time-tested, proven way to make money consistently.


    Buy into businesses that YOU understand, that's within your circle of competence. Unless you're a genius or have special operating insights, it's likely that it's easier to buy into businesses that are inherently easier to understand, rather than try to understand complicated/complex businesses.

    Durable Economic Advantages

    Awesome businesses have a favourable long-term prospects. Typically due to economic moats: a business' ability to maintain competitive advantages over its competitors in order to protect its long-term profits and market share from competitors.

    Honest and Able Management

    An awesome business in a booming market may still be ruined by incompetent management, who are only in it for the huge C-suite paychecks. Honest, worthy, able and aligned management who behave like owners will steer the ship correctly.

    Margin Of Safety

    Mr Market is exuberant regularly, and fearful occasionally. When there's panic in the markets, Mr Market will sell you $10 bills for $5. This is when you start loading up.

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    What's your networth now? How much money do you need in the future? Are you on track? How do you know?

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    BS and Myths

    Be Critical (coming soon)

    Should you believe everything your financial advisors and fund managers says when it comes to investing?

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